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As part of our strategic mission of ending poverty in low-income communities through education , care and inspiration, Kindle Africa organizes a one-day charity event aimed at sharing happiness with the poor and disadvantaged by providing basic needs such as food, clothing, books and other items donated by our partners during the yuletide.

Volunteers assist in planning and organizing the event while participants are pampered and treated like the very special people that they truly are. At Kindle Africa, we create the change we desire by sharing love.


The project also serves as a platform for sustainable development projects Kindle Africa hopes to embark on within new communities in the coming year. These often includes adult education and employability programmes for women of all ages.

Through our Charity Party, we have reached out to about 1,000 families providing school supplies, hygiene packs for children and food to last each family about one week. We also provide community members of all ages and sexes with clothes and other welfare support materials.


Volunteers Giving Out Foodstuff During the 2015 Charity Party